Get the most out of your Plant Medicine ceremony experience

Does this sound familiar?

A Few Scenario’s…

You’ve reserved a spot for a psychedelic group ceremony, but as the date comes closer, you feel a growing unease and even some worries start creeping in… How to prepare myself well? And what is important to create the right circumstances for this experience? 


After an intense and, at times, ecstatic Plant Medicine retreat abroad you came back with a lot of homework for your ‘life after ceremony’. But after a few months, you realize (maybe while reading this sentence) that you haven’t pulled through with most of your good intentions. A lot of time and money spent without reaping the real benefits from your work with these sacred Plant Teachers… 


After coming home from a shamanic ceremony weekend, you feel forever changed and turned inside out in every way imaginable. Feeling (simultaneously) thankful, overwhelmed, anew, vulnerable, emotionally unstable, drained, and confused. And alone and isolated from your partner, family, friends and colleagues… 

Or, (last one, I promise)

You find yourself going to one Plant Medicine ceremony after the other. Traveling to other dimensions, having an enjoyable time and also working on the same theme or ‘intention’ you formulate every time. But you only manage to scratch the surface and, soon enough, end up booking yet another Plant Medicine retreat (and formulating the same intention again) because you didn’t manage to solidify a breakthrough by yourself.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

I see a lot of people struggling on their ‘path of the plants’.

And…I can relate too.

Why can I relate so well to these scenarios? 

Because I’ve gone through each and every one of them (sometimes time and time again).

Being introduced to Plant Medicine over 10 years ago has been a true blessing.

But, looking back, my journey would have been less rocky with adequate preparation and after-care (or ‘integration’) support.

This realization turned out to be the inspiration to provide professional guidance and support to make your journey go smoother than mine.

So, don’t worry, support is on the way.


How would it be if you could…

> Prepare for your Plant Medicine ceremony with self-confidence, knowing that you’ve covered all the essential elements to make your experience a beneficial one.

> Come home from an intensive group ceremony knowing you’ve got private aftercare support from a trained professional who understands you and has been there too.

> Solidify the breakthrough you’ve been working on by yourself, maybe already for years, but couldn’t keep up without regular support and professional guidance.

> Stop going to Plant Medicine ceremonies feeling disappointed and wondering “Am I doing something wrong?” when the afterglow wears off after a few weeks and you don’t reach the results you hoped for after coming home.

> Make the tangible, lasting changes that finally enable you to lead a more fulfilled life and be a happier person (and partner, friend, relative, or colleague) altogether.

Why should I support you?

The 1-hour online sessions that I offer are specially designed to support the preparation and integration of your Plant Medicine ceremony or retreat. 

I am trained as a Counsellor (spiritual, stress, grief + trauma-related issues) and eventually specialized in somatic (‘body focused’) psychedelic preparation and integration support.

Also embedding my own ‘hands-on’ experience after starting my Plant Medicine journey 10 years and well over 100 ceremonies ago.   

Next to this, I am part of an online support platform of preparation and integration specialists called Psychedelics Integration and I affiliate with Plant Medicine retreat locations from the Netherlands and Spain to Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica.  

For the past years, I have been working online from my private practice in Leiden (a town on the Dutch West Coast), successfully working with many clients from all over the world. 

If this introduction has already made you curious about the support sessions I offer, click here to book a free (30-minute) mini-session.

In this online Alignment session, I will offer 3 personalized preparation or after-care (‘integration’) tips that you can instantly bring to life. To support you to align yourself, either: going in, or, coming out of your ceremony.

A bit more information first? Scroll down and I will explain more about what you can expect from me and my Plant Medicine support sessions.

And click on ‘read more’ if you want more background on my personal story, how I work and which approaches I use.

Read more…

“Psychedelics are catalysts, they open doors, but you will have to walk through them yourself”

Marc Aixalà

I offer private online sessions to support the preparation and integration of your plant-based psychedelic experience.

What can you expect from a

Preparation Session

During Preparation sessions, I offer private guidance to support the preparation for your ceremony in the weeks prior. You might have already planned a Plant Medicine ceremony or retreat abroad and want to touch base with me for suggestions on how to best prepare for this.

Perhaps working on intuitively ‘anchoring down’ an intention or issue you would like to focus on and  discussing practical preparation tips and ‘best practices’. Or body-focused (‘somatic’) techniques that help to better navigate intense (‘peak’) moments during your ceremony. I will also provide a safe container for the questions or worries that you may have, to navigate this psychedelic experience well-prepared and in a confident way.

What happens during an

Integration Session

During Integration sessions, I offer private after-care, a safe container for questions, concerns, or challenging experiences, practical tools and body-focused (‘somatic’) exercises to successfully translate, anchor, and embody the wisdom gained in the altered state of consciousness. To make the transition into your ‘life after ceremony’ in direct connection with someone who has also been there.

My objective is to support you in sustaining the transformation and change in your everyday life in a way that lasts. To maximize the benefits. For example, with choosing a new career path or overall sense of ‘purpose’, taking better care of yourself, or striving for a more conscious relationship with your loved ones. 

“Embodied integration is when the plant medicine experience becomes not just an idea or an insight, but a lived experience”

Atira Tan

Preparation Sessions

I offer Plant Medicine Preparation sessions to support you in successfully preparing yourself for your Plant Medicine ceremony or retreat in the weeks leading up to this. To lay a solid foundation for your psychedelic experience.

These sessions are perfect for those who are (relatively) new to working with plant-based psychedelics. However, experienced ‘travelers’ can greatly benefit too and are also very welcome!

We meet: Online
Duration: 1-hour sessions
Including: Brief report with main elements that came out of your session.

Integration Sessions

I offer Plant Medicine Integration sessions to encourage the insights that you have received through the altered state of consciousness experience, to become fully embodied and a living reality, instead of a collection of experiences that eventually fade into the background.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced on the ‘path of the plants’, these sessions can be of great benefit to everyone!

We meet: Online
Duration: 1-hour sessions
Including:  Brief report with main elements that came out of your session.

Counselling Sessions

I offer a follow-up Counselling trajectory, focusing on the specific themes and issues that came up during your Plant Medicine integration. These sessions are well suited for those who have already worked with me in my Plant Medicine support sessions and would like to deepen their work.

Additionally, these sessions are available to all others as well!*

*New to my sessions? Please schedule a (free) 30-minute Introduction Chat first to meet and discuss if and how we could start working together.

We meet: Online
Duration: 1-hour sessions
Including: Extended report with main elements that came out of your session, plus: extra tools, exercises and e-support.

Contrary to what is sometimes assumed, the process of integration has no ‘expiration date’: it therefore doesn’t matter how long ago your ceremony took place. The somatic techniques that are being used, will enable you to go back to the most memorable moments, renewing your ceremonial momentum and ‘after glow’, even if this is decades ago.


“Some 13 years ago, I had two plant medicine experiences. The outcomes gave clarity on the many life issues that kept my mind busy at that time. Many questions found an answer, but after a longer period there appeared to be some unsolved remains that had to be addressed. In the integration sessions I had with Marijntje, even after these many years, my insights were greatly actualized. It was astonishing how effective the method of somatic integration that she uses opened paths to new ways of understanding the true message and answers.”

Thank you, Marijntje.


“Marijntje attended my Somatic Plant Medicine Integration practitioner program, and having her participation in the program was a delight and pleasure. Her thoughtfulness and professionalism in the training impressed me, as well as her passion in trauma-informed care, and working with compassion and curiosity. I would highly recommend her as an excellent guide and support in your healing journey.”

Atira Tan, Somatic Trauma Specialist and Educator

“Although I have already made quite a few medicine trips, I was very happy with the sessions I had with Marijntje. It was extremely helpful for me to state my intentions in a different, more intuitive way. And the integration sessions provided extra depth and a good basis for further integration. I experienced Marijntje as a professional and also an open person, which in turn made it easy for me to open up. Thank you!”

The Netherlands

” When Marijntje guided me into the somatic part of my very first integration session, I remembered an important insight that had faded from my memory. Even though I’ve got experience with high-dose psychedelics and knew in advance of the somatic part of the session, I was surprised to realize I had forgotten this insight. This is what she calls “the harvest” or “golden nuggets”. Highly recommended, even if you think you’ve seen it all!”

The Netherlands

“I had two sessions with Marijntje, both a Preparation session and an Integration session. Both times it was very well and professionally done. She guided me through the sessions and I got a lot of clarity from it” 


“After my trip to the Amazon, I scheduled a session with Marijntje. Her inviting and unconditional attitude encouraged me to start working together. I felt safe during the session. This way I was able to open myself up completely. Marijntje is a powerful listener who can also perceive very subtle things. Her somatic method was very valuable. Together we examined what (wisdom) is actually in the body, and which signals from the body were ignored too much. This session helped me to feel more in tune with my body, with confidence and inner strength”.

the Netherlands

“Working with Marijntje has been a profoundly moving and regenerative experience. She has laser-sharp focus when it comes to identifying painful pressure points in the psyche and a way of resolving them on a mental, physical and emotional level. This approach is truly multidimensional and it brings out new layers of being that were previously obscured by conditioning or trauma. There are issues that need extra holding to integrate and Marijntje is the best person to take care of those in the safest possible container. In addition to deeply benefitting from her therapeutic gifts, being in the presence of Marijntje is an honor and a transformative experience in its own right”.



“We have been working together for almost one year now and Marijntje helps me find alignment, that enhances my trajectory, thus this very existence. Awesome being. Sublime conversation partner. Truly compassionate. Plethora of wisdom. Open-minded to the moon! ”


“Working with Marijntje has been remarkably beneficial in preparing for and integrating my experiences with plant medicine. Having participated in numerous ceremonies over the years, the recent ones, where her guidance was included, proved to be especially transformative. In her sessions, I’ve developed a deeper awareness of the insights that emerge during these ceremonies. The somatic exercises she suggests are notably effective, enabling me to reconnect with profound experiences and emotions that surface in my personal journey, thereby aiding in their more complete processing. I greatly appreciate how Marijntje creates a relaxed and comforting environment, where I feel secure and accepted in all vulnerability. Additionally, I find the detailed and thoughtful written feedback she provides after each session very useful. It contributes to a more organized comprehension of the progression of the work”.


“Marijntje was able to guide me beyond the main topic I contacted her for. She helps me to have a view of myself from a different perspective. She works in a good and sensitive way.

I am very appreciative of her work”.