The story behind my logo

“You have a beautiful logo, how did it come about?”

After launching the website of Practice Lazet, quite a few people were curious about how the logo came about. Therefore, as the topic of this first blog, some more on the story behind the logo and how this is connected to the philosophy behind my work as a Plant Medicine Integration Specialist.

Cabocla blanket

To start, the overall ‘look and feel’ of the image and colors are inspired by my favorite ceremonial item; the blanket that I have been wearing during ceremony since embarking on the spiritual path of studying Umbanda (one of the main spiritual religions in Brazil). And for some reason, I started naming this my ‘Cabocla’ blanket.

In the Umbanda tradition, the Caboclas (and Caboclos) are said to be astral guides and indigenous hunters, warriors and healers of the forest.

I feel a strong connection to their energy and clearly knew that I wanted to incorporate the resonance that this ceremonial blanket carries into my logo. Luckily the graphic designer that I worked with instantly understood.

The number 3


Looking at the image above, there are 3 multi-colored arrow-shaped structures pointing down toward the earth and landing at the words Practice Lazet. These words have the red color of the earth, which to me symbolizes landing, anchoring, and integrating. The number 3 is no coincidence here because it stands for the 3 phases of working with Plant Medicine:
first, the Preparation phase,
then the Experience (or ‘ceremonial’) phase
and third, the Integration phase (‘life after ceremony’).

These 3 phases are equally important (more about this in the next blog) and….above all, intrinsically connected. They are interwoven and almost dance in a symphony, just like the multi-colored structure in the logo; Integration already starts the moment you begin preparing for a Plant Medicine ceremony and the better you prepare, the more fruitful your integration or ‘life after ceremony’ will be.

The whole cycle

To continue the story of the logo, the words Practice Lazet were not placed there casually. In doing so, I seek to convey that I am here to guide you through this whole cycle: From Preparation (initial phase) to Integration (last phase). In that, my work aims to prepare and support you in finding your own foundation again, while maximizing the benefits of your altered state of consciousness experience. To truly start anchoring these building blocks into your daily life and, over time, reap the valuable fruits of your work with these sacred plant teachers.


King of the Forest

Another conscious choice was to include the shape of an arrow because it is a powerful mythological sign. On a personal level, I feel a lot of affinity with the bow and arrow, because my main spiritual guides in Umbanda are all connected with these ancient symbols. One of them is Oxóssi (the King of the Forest), who is said to hunt with a bow and arrow (called an Ofá and Damatá), aiming for ‘good influences and positive energies’ and to ‘open paths’.


Launch your arrow

To conclude this tale, the arrow is also seen as a powerful symbol for launching light onto elements that previously resided below, in the unconscious and in the dark. It could also represent shedding all that doesn’t serve you anymore by focusing your attention (or ‘arrow’) on your unique path and choices in life.

To have the courage to decide with and from the heart instead of the mind (as Oxóssi is told to be ‘a true warrior of the heart’).

To exactly feel when is the right moment to ‘launch your arrow’ and open up a new path for yourself.

All of this with the great focus and attention of a hunter.

Please know that the doors of Practice Lazet are wide open to support and guide you through these endeavors and this intriguing ‘hunt’ called life.

I warmly welcome you!


Image: King of the Forest, Oxóssi shooting his arrow of light into the jungle. Source: Deviant Art.