“I began working with Marijntje a few months ago and following a recent plant ceremony. I had previously been to several ceremonies without ever really working intentionally on integration. I would kid myself that I could do this on my own relying mainly on personal practices such as yoga and meditation without needing external guidance. The work I have since done with Marijntje has completely changed this perception.

It has been very fulfilling to further uncover and nurture the channels to the body and heart that the plant medicine opened. Channels that so often end up closing again when the afterglow finally subsides if they aren’t nurtured in the right way. Marijntje facilitated this beautifully using her somatic-based approach. With her endless warmth, empathy and trust, she helped me to revisit the ceremony and bring the teachings back into the “real world” while providing me the tools with which to ground these further in reality.

Her reassuring and open presence has been invaluable for what can sometimes be a rocky transition from ceremony into daily life. Her integration reports after each session have been invaluable. In many ways, each session with Marijntje is a mini-ceremony in itself.

Much gratitude, Marijntje”.