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“Marijntje was able to guide me beyond the main topic I contacted her for. She helps me to have a view of myself from a different perspective. She works in a good and sensitive way.

I am very appreciative of her work”.


“Working with Marijntje has been remarkably beneficial in preparing for and integrating my experiences with plant medicine. Having participated in numerous ceremonies over the years, the recent ones, where her guidance was included, proved to be especially transformative. In her sessions, I’ve developed a deeper awareness of the insights that emerge during these ceremonies. The somatic exercises she suggests are notably effective, enabling me to reconnect with profound experiences and emotions that surface in my personal journey, thereby aiding in their more complete processing. I greatly appreciate how Marijntje creates a relaxed and comforting environment, where I feel secure and accepted in all vulnerability. Additionally, I find the detailed and thoughtful written feedback she provides after each session very useful. It contributes to a more organized comprehension of the progression of the work”.


“We have been working together for almost one year now and Marijntje helps me find alignment, that enhances my trajectory, thus this very existence. Awesome being. Sublime conversation partner. Truly compassionate. Plethora of wisdom. Open-minded to the moon! ”


“Working with Marijntje has been a profoundly moving and regenerative experience. She has laser-sharp focus when it comes to identifying painful pressure points in the psyche and a way of resolving them on a mental, physical and emotional level. This approach is truly multidimensional and it brings out new layers of being that were previously obscured by conditioning or trauma. There are issues that need extra holding to integrate and Marijntje is the best person to take care of those in the safest possible container. In addition to deeply benefitting from her therapeutic gifts, being in the presence of Marijntje is an honor and a transformative experience in its own right”.



“After my trip to the Amazon, I scheduled a session with Marijntje. Her inviting and unconditional attitude encouraged me to start working together. I felt safe during the session. This way I was able to open myself up completely. Marijntje is a powerful listener who can also perceive very subtle things. Her somatic method was very valuable. Together we examined what (wisdom) is actually in the body, and which signals from the body were ignored too much. This session helped me to feel more in tune with my body, with confidence and inner strength”.

the Netherlands

“I had two sessions with Marijntje, both a Preparation session and an Integration session. Both times it was very well and professionally done. She guided me through the sessions and I got a lot of clarity from it” 


” When Marijntje guided me into the somatic part of my very first integration session, I remembered an important insight that had faded from my memory. Even though I’ve got experience with high-dose psychedelics and knew in advance of the somatic part of the session, I was surprised to realize I had forgotten this insight. This is what she calls “the harvest” or “golden nuggets”. Highly recommended, even if you think you’ve seen it all!”

The Netherlands

“Although I have already made quite a few medicine trips, I was very happy with the sessions I had with Marijntje. It was extremely helpful for me to state my intentions in a different, more intuitive way. And the integration sessions provided extra depth and a good basis for further integration. I experienced Marijntje as a professional and also an open person, which in turn made it easy for me to open up. Thank you!”

The Netherlands

“Marijntje attended my Somatic Plant Medicine Integration practitioner program, and having her participation in the program was a delight and pleasure. Her thoughtfulness and professionalism in the training impressed me, as well as her passion in trauma-informed care, and working with compassion and curiosity. I would highly recommend her as an excellent guide and support in your healing journey.”

Atira Tan, Somatic Trauma Specialist and Educator

“Some 13 years ago, I had two plant medicine experiences. The outcomes gave clarity on the many life issues that kept my mind busy at that time. Many questions found an answer, but after a longer period there appeared to be some unsolved remains that had to be addressed. In the integration sessions I had with Marijntje, even after these many years, my insights were greatly actualized. It was astonishing how effective the method of somatic integration that she uses opened paths to new ways of understanding the true message and answers.”

Thank you, Marijntje.